PERCOP represents a generic approach that improves the information search and retrieval process during different software-intensive activities with the use of context information. One main goal is the integration of the “crowd” at different stages of this process by combining collective intelligence concepts with context-aware systems. This combination can be used to automatically reduce information overflow by filtering irrelevant data. Furthermore, a real-time information retrieval process without manual search impulses is provided.


Systems, application functionality, concepts, frameworks and technical systems are changing and increasing in short intervals. Due to this fact obtaining relevant information for a specific issue is a frequently executed and time-consuming process. One corresponding problem is that the availability of nearly unlimited amount of data results in overflow. A major problem is the efficiency of information search and retrieval processes. Studies predicted that employees spent a large amount of time in searching for information. Another problem is the fact that a great number of people have suboptimal strategies while using web search engines in order to find relevant information.


Decrease duration of information search activities
Providing information push
High participation rate of the crowd
Automation of search processes


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Valuable information when you need it
in real-time!

Receive contextual information in real-time without being distracted from your activities.
You will be surprised when you receive solutions according to problems you're not aware of.

Let others do the search for you
The crowd!

Benefit of search strategies and knowledge of experts. Receive useful information according to specific situations because other users already did.
Specify situations when other users should receive context related information.